Professional Profile of Efraín Porto Tapiquén

Carlos Efrain Porto Tapiquén (Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1975) is a Geographer, with a bachelor degree obtained from the Central University of Venezuela in 2006. Holds a Master degree in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) in 2010 and also obtained an official Master on Territorial Studies and Population at the same university in 2011.


He has worked in the area of Geographic Information Systems since 2002, using the software pack of ESRI platform (ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcScene, ArcGlobe, ArcExplorer) and the use of other important programs such as MapInfo, Miramon, gvSIG, Qsig, Erdas, Idrisi, Global Mapper, Google Earth and AutoCAD Map. Most of his work experience has focused on the application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Environmental Studies (Ecology, Biogeography, Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits).


With the GIS tools and applications in environmental studies, he has work in: maps digitalization, databases creation, GIS design, interpretation of satellite imagery, elaboration of thematic maps, creating 3D models, lifting cartographic information and update field with GPS navigator.

Also he has worked on Risk Management and Disaster Administration in the area of Civil Protection, applying GIS and Remote Sensing seeking solutions to the processes that generate risk and vulnerability, especially of the most populate sectors. Also leads inspections of risk terrains and subsequently the construction of risk maps of state, municipal or local levels. 


Actually, he works as a consultant in projects of spatial and ecological studies, remote sensing and GIS digital mapping. Aditionally, he lecture courses, training and workshops in GIS applications, environmental studies and geosciences, all framed in an own project called "Orogénesis Soluciones Geográficas"


Also collaborates internationally, as part of the project "GIS for Africa" making academic contributions for development of Geographic Information Systems in Africa. This project is leading by CEO Mr. Olemu Ogheneochuko, and based in the city of Akure (Nigeria).


Native Language: Spanish 

Other languages : English (Comprehension - Talk -Writing, User Self- B2) *

                                 Catalan (Speech- Understanding - Script, User Self- B2) *


* Common European Framework of Reference (CEF)